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Think Beyond Self is the corner stone of  the M. Muthootu Group.

There is a world of difference between making money for oneself and growing by creating wealth for others.

Wealth creation for all is the Legacy of the group.

It is a story of Trust, vision ,value  and achievements..



The roots of the Muthoottu Group runs deep and back in time  to 1870  in the picturesque town of Kozhencherry. It was here that Muthoottu Ninan Mathai started trading in grains and timber, laying the foundation for the House of Muthoottu.


Turn of the Century…1950’s 

The Three brothers, M George Muthoot, M Mathew Muthoottu (Founder), M Thomas Muthoot (Pappachen) established the Chit Fund business, providing loans to farmers , traders and needy households. Soon it became the largest business group of its kind in Kerala. They then diversified to providing gold loans and establishing  Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs). They specialized in gold loans and advances to small enterprises and individuals.

Through India’s arduous times of 20th century, the Muthoottu Mini business expanded rapidly.

In the early part of the 21th century, the Group’s founding father, Mr. M Mathew Muthoottu, and Group Chairman Mr. Roy M Mathew took the business to new heights and across India in diverse sectors such as Finance, Theatres, Real Estate, Hotels & Entertainment etc.



Mr. M Mathew Muthoottu(Founder)

Mr. M Mathew Muthoottu from the illustrious Muthoot family of Kozhenchery is the founder of the Group.


Through his endeavors in setting up Financing and Chits, this son of Sri. Muthoottu Ninan Mathai was instrumental in transforming his father’s grand vision into reality. It was also under his leadership that the Muthoottu Group, the premier Financial endowment of the Muthoottu family , was created, propelling the Muthoottu tradition of philanthropy. From humble beginnings and a strong philanthropic intent of wealth creation for not only self , but in the society , the Company founded by Mr. M Mathew Muthootu has become a trusted name in the Gold Loan business . Reliability and Trustworthiness being the hallmark of the Enterprise.

Mr M Mathew Muthoottu’s vision and strength has seen the growth of the firm from a small chit –fund business advancing loans to farmers, traders and needy households, to a Financing Enterprise with an impeccable loan portfolio spread across several states.




Products & Services

Gold Loan

A quick Loan against your Gold. Muthoottu Mini’s Cornerstone Service


Loans for backing women entrepreneurial activity based on guarantee in the Joint Liability Group


Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance

Money Transfer

International money transfers and domestic money transfers are a quick and easy way of transferring personal remittances.

Travel & Tours

Flight tickets and International Tour packages